The PMP® Certification Application Process

As I mentioned in a previous post, if you want to apply to sit for the PMP® certification exam, you will need to document your project management background.  You can document your experience and complete the application online at the Project Management Institute’s website.  You can also submit a paper based application, but I recommend the online process.  Generally, the turnaround time for the paper based application review and approval process will take longer than the electronic process. 

The online procedure is supported by an automated system that allows candidates and credential holders to:

  • Compose and submit credential applications
  • View submitted applications
  • View examination status
  • Download scores and audit forms
  • View certification records and update contact information
  • View credential details
  • Submit credential renewals
  • Report credential maintenance requirements
  • Download receipts

Plan to complete and submit your application within 90 days.  Don’t worry about losing the information you have entered into the online system, you can reactivate your application if you don’t complete the process in time.

Before You Start, it‘s best to organize your documentation.  Determine which of your projects will satisfy the Project Management Institute’s experience prerequisite. Select your assignments that have the best documentation, and where you performed the most comprehensive project management role. Larger, more complex projects will be easier for you to organize and document.  Check back to find out more about the PMP certification and other Project Management topics. –ProjectWalker


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